Automakers and the Air Resources Board

California’s hydrogen suppliers along with automakers met with the Air Resources Board on Thursday January 10th.

    This meeting was to come to an agreement to open a group of fueling stations for auto owners of non-polluting fuel cell powered autos to refuel on the highway. This story is interesting since I just got back from a San Jose auto service.

   One fueling station that was recently closed will reopen as an agreement with energy companies that were present at the meeting who agreed to supply the needed money and staff to reopen this station.

   Six energy companies previously operated this station that will be reopened, however the lease they held ended on December 31st, 2007 and there was not a new agreement put in place.  By the way, if you live in Hawaii, have been in a car accident and need a good Hawaii Nissan then you are advised to take a serious look at this Nissan firm. There you can find a more than competent Hawaii  Accident Attorney or dui lawyer Santa Monica. The lawyers there can also help you if you have suffered injuries such as electrocution, burns, elder abuse or an amusement park accident of some sort. They come highly recommended. Well, back to the news story….

   According to Mary Nichols a member of the Air Resources Board, this will be just the beginning of these stations; they intend to open more of these stations. They plan to reissue bids in the near future for the upgrade of existing stations and construction of new stations. My friend who runs a san jose auto repair was telling me about this and other auto related facts from San Jose. They can fix your Nissan and so forth.

   The Air Resources Board has $7.7 million dollars in place for these proposed projects that they will be taking bids, along with and additional $6 million dollars that they have requested from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger upcoming budget to complete their plan of constructing and opening more of these stations.