The power of Colostrum and it’s effect on Immunity

Colostrum is known to create transfer factor in the body which in return helps build up the body’s immunity to remember certain illnesses.   

Transfer factor is a theory that immunity information in the body can be transferred from cell to cell.  A cell has the ability to teach the immune system to recognize bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body.  As this is the primary job of the immune system to recognize harmful bacteria and viruses and then fight them.  The body has the ability to effectively defend against bacteria, fungus, and other diseases.  The transfer factor molecules create a memory in the body of the past pathogens it has been exposed to, which is integral to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the immune system.

  Colostrum is produced from the mammary glands of all mammals late during pregnancy or directly after giving birth.  It is high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies.  It is also low in fat because it is difficult for newborns to digest fat because of their small digestive systems.  It acts in delivering nutrients in a low volume but highly concentrated.  There is also a mild laxative associated with it that helps a newborn pass their first stool and rid of the waste of dead red blood cells due to birth.  Colostrum contains immunoglobulin assisting with the prevention of jaundice and it helps to create physical strength and build up the general immune system. 

As colostrum helps build the body’s initial immunity it also builds the initial memory of the immune system.  Transfer factors are made up of tiny molecules of protein produced by immune cells in the body called T cells.  The transfer factors are what allow the immune system to remember the conditions for which the body has become immune to and established.

  A good example of the way transfer factors work is like the chickenpox during childhood.  When a child is infected and treated the body develops a memory of the illness.  This memory prevents the body from being re-infected later in life.  The body will have a transfer factor molecule specifically for chicken pox and this molecule is an exact blueprint of what the disease looks like.  This allows the body to immediately recognize and respond to any type of re-infection or exposure. 

Scientists have begun working on creating additional transfer factor for human consumption in an effort to strengthen immune systems even further.  The way they are doing this is by working with colostrum from cows.  This is because a healthy cow has the ability to produce millions of different transfer factors.  However, when a cow is exposed to a pathogen then it produces another transfer factor creating a blueprint of the specific virus.

  It is said that transfer factors can cross different mammal lines.  For instance, a human can be given a cow’s transfer factors.  If these transfer factors have created blueprints of different pathogens then the human will immediately have the immunity to those pathogens as if they were already exposed themselves. 

Colostrum is responsible for building the body’s initial transfer factor and immune system.  By creating transfer factors in other mammals, scientists are able to give these to humans building stronger immune systems in humans.

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