Houston Woman Arrested After Kidnapping

A woman Houston identified as Rhonda Laine Tavey age 44 was arrested on kidnapping charges for taking five children that belonged to a family that lived with her since Katrina in personal injury and wrongful death news out of Texas.
Tavey has stated that she took the children to protect them from their mother and one of the fathers of the children. Tavey was arrested after several attempts to have her turn herself did not work; the FBI then took her into custody after an Amber Alert was issued at the home of a relative.
Tavey and her attorney have accused the mother Erica Alphonse of using drugs and mistreating the children. They also have accused one of the fathers of these children of sexual assault of Tavey’s teenage daughter. By the way if you require a solid lawyer then I suggest Francisco Joel Gordon, a solid personal injury and motorcycle accident attorney as well as wrongful death lawyer…
The Harris County Prosecutors Office has stated that they have investigated the allegations against Alphonse and have found nothing to substantiate the claims. Alphonse has also sublimated to drug testing that was requested by the Child Protective Services. All in all this reminds me of awrongful death case which occured awhile back…
Tavey has been released on $50,000 bond and must wear an ankle bracelet; she is under a curfew from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. and is due back in court September 9th.
Alphonse is remaining in Houston while the investigation is ongoing and has dismissed the rape allegations.
Tavey’s attorney Dick DeGuerin stated that Tavey should have filed for guardianship of the children. They are learning more about Tavey’s concern for the children as the investigation goes forward and he feels she may have been justified in her reasons for taking the children ages 2 to 8 years of age.
The claims Tavey and her attorney go beyond mistreatment of the children and include welfare fraud, pulling a knife on Tavey, along with other allegations.