Dallas Bus Accident related News

Driving a bus requires one to obtain a commercial driver’s license. You cannot be approved to control a School Bus without one, as you are taking the responsibility for a large group of people in a big vehicle. Qualities needed for being in charge of driving a bus full of people include extreme attentiveness to road conditions, other drivers, and conservative maneuvering techniques. Aggressive driving is not preferred while behind the wheel of a bus, or in most situations for that matter unless you are a NASCAR driver. Even with a commercial driver’s license, and years of experience with driving a large bus, accidents are still bound to happen every now and then. Unfortunately, such was the case on November 4th in Texas when around 20 passengers were tossed around in a large school bus accident. One 19-year-old student lost his life while 4 were seriously injured and the rest suffered minor injuries.
Amazingly, the mother of the student who was pronounced dead at the scene felt for the bus driver and stated, “It’s OK, it’s not your fault.'” Although the scar of losing a loved one can never be fully healed a knowledgeable Dallas Bus Accident Doctor should treat the injuries received by the victims involved in this crash. The students hurt in this horrific accident were attendants of Abilene Christian University on their way to a children’s home to offer their time and do some mission work. While the bus was nearing a bend on the US 83, the driver lost control and headed into a concrete culvert, causing the bus to do a full roll, ejecting several passengers. Someone may need a Dallas bus accident doctor overall. The bus was filled with three faculty members, a faculty member’s wife from Abilene, 12 agricultural studies students and the driver. When police and rescue crews arrived, the bus was a mangled mess of metal. The following Friday night, community members gathered in respect of the student that passed away and his family. No one should have to lose a loved one due to a tragic accident such as this, but at least all harmed were not alone in moving forward and mourning their losses with a massive outpour of support.