Primary Risk Factors for Accidents Involving Teenage Drivers

According to statistics the number of traffic accidents with teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 is higher than any other age group. Because of the alarming rates, much interest has been focused on the relationship between age and driving behavior by highway safety researchers and administrators. The most common reason why teenagers experience fatalities in the United States is because of car crashes. Since teenagers are still young and have their whole lives ahead of them, accidents that end their lives are extremely tragic and unfortunate.
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Why are teenage drivers risky?

There are several factors that cause teenage drivers to be risky drivers and cause traffic related incidents. Some of these factors include:
• Poor ability to detect hazards – in order for drivers to detect dangers that exist on the road, they have to have perceptual and information-gathering skills. They have to be able to properly identify certain things as potential threats. Teenage drivers may not have developed these skills well enough yet.
• Low risk perception – this is when drivers can assess the degree of threat that something poses and one’s ability to deal with it. Young drivers tend to underestimate the threat and overestimate their abilities.
• Taking risks – Teenage drivers are often overconfident in their driving abilities and therefore tend to take more risks on the road. More risks lead to more chances of something going wrong.
• Failure to wear seatbelts – Often teenagers will not wear their seatbelts
• Lack of skill – young drivers often have yet to fine tune their driving skills and safe driving knowledge
• Alcohol and drugs – Many of the fatal accidents that occur involving teenage drivers involve drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Carrying passengers – Teenagers tend to get into more car accidents when they are carrying passengers. This may be due to the distraction that others in the car create
• Night driving – crash rates for teenage drivers are higher at night. Poor visibility and alcohol contribute to this

Putting It All Together

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