San Francisco Personal Injury News

Here is some legal/personal injury news from the San Francisco area: According to Pittsburg Police Department Lt. Brain Addington a man identified as Elester Mollique age 24 of Brentwood was arrested for parole violations and is currently being held without bail.

Lt. Addington stated that Mollique and his cousin had argued for approximately a week after Mollique’s cousin accused him of stealing. At approximately 11:00 a.m. on November 2, the two men met up each driving their own vehicles. This is when Mollique allegedly began shooting at his cousin with one bullet striking him in the neck. This caused his cousin to loose control of his vehicle striking three vehicles that were parked on the side of the street on Diane Avenue. His car came to a stop after striking a van that overturned and his car came to a rest at 283 Diane Avenue at the Church of Christ.

Mollique’s cousin was transported to John Muir Medical Center, Lt. Addington stated that he is expected to make a full recovery from the personal injury he sustained during the shooting and the accident. By the way if you happen to live in San Francisco and need a great San Francisco personal injury lawyer then I would like to suggest the fine Brady Law Group. This firm can really be of assistance and they are indeed some of the very best San Francisco personal injury lawyer you can find.

Mollique was arrested without incident and is being held without bail and the parole violation stems from the address he had listed in Brentwood as his residence. Mollique is alleged to have been staying at several residences that are not listed since he was paroled. Someone may need to hire a good lawyer.

Houston Woman Arrested After Kidnapping

A woman Houston identified as Rhonda Laine Tavey age 44 was arrested on kidnapping charges for taking five children that belonged to a family that lived with her since Katrina in personal injury and wrongful death news out of Texas.
Tavey has stated that she took the children to protect them from their mother and one of the fathers of the children. Tavey was arrested after several attempts to have her turn herself did not work; the FBI then took her into custody after an Amber Alert was issued at the home of a relative.
Tavey and her attorney have accused the mother Erica Alphonse of using drugs and mistreating the children. They also have accused one of the fathers of these children of sexual assault of Tavey’s teenage daughter. By the way if you require a solid lawyer then I suggest Francisco Joel Gordon, a solid personal injury and motorcycle accident attorney as well as wrongful death lawyer…
The Harris County Prosecutors Office has stated that they have investigated the allegations against Alphonse and have found nothing to substantiate the claims. Alphonse has also sublimated to drug testing that was requested by the Child Protective Services. All in all this reminds me of awrongful death case which occured awhile back…
Tavey has been released on $50,000 bond and must wear an ankle bracelet; she is under a curfew from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. and is due back in court September 9th.
Alphonse is remaining in Houston while the investigation is ongoing and has dismissed the rape allegations.
Tavey’s attorney Dick DeGuerin stated that Tavey should have filed for guardianship of the children. They are learning more about Tavey’s concern for the children as the investigation goes forward and he feels she may have been justified in her reasons for taking the children ages 2 to 8 years of age.
The claims Tavey and her attorney go beyond mistreatment of the children and include welfare fraud, pulling a knife on Tavey, along with other allegations.

Man On Parole Pleads Guilty To Murder

I have been in Kansas City for a few days but now i am back and ready to write. Seattle was nice but it is good to be back. Now onward to the criminal news. According to reports a man identified as Troy Tyrone Thomas III age 43 plead guilty to murdering his college instructor. In court on Thomas plead guilty to first-degree murder in the killing of John Alfred Dennis Jr. Dennis was a 59-year-old teacher at St. Mary’s College and the City College of San Francisco. Thomas had met Dennis as a teenager and according to reports he murdered Dennis in the attempt to assume his identity, including his name, assets, house and vehicle. The night of February 9th a sheriff’s deputy found Thomas in a vehicle with Dennis’ body covered in the back seat. Thomas later told police investigators the shot Dennis that day and with the body in the victims car drove to Montara State Beach. By the way if you happen to live in Seattle or the greater Puget Sound area and you require a competent DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney then by all means check out the Law offices of this legal firm: for Kansas City DUI lawyer or Cass County speeding ticket attorney. He is a top rated Seattle criminal defense attorney. Oakland police were dispatched to Dennis’ home where they found signs of a struggle and blood evidence. Thomas is scheduled to be sentenced on September 5th to life in prison without the possibility of parole in a deal, which prosecutors will not seek the death penalty in the death of Dennis. Thomas who was on parole at the time of the murder has an extensive criminal history and was released from prison prior to the murder for felony auto theft and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. He has also been convicted of murder in 1981 and several vehicle thefts.

Legal Criminal News Out Of Portland, Oregon

  A bill in Oregon that has been proposed for vehicular homicide in cases where drivers are involved in bicycle accident that ends with a fatality. Here in Sam Mateo, an issue?
   One of the people who feel this is a necessary law is Mary O’Donnel, the wife of a bicycle rider who was killed approximately a year ago while riding his bike. O’Donnel it is reported explained her support for this bill due to the fact that the driver who struck and killed her husband was a driver from out of state driving a rental car with a suspended drivers license. This unlicensed driver received a fine as a punishment for the auto accident. Not sure about the dui issues.

   This law would hold drivers responsible when they drive under the influence, with a suspended drivers license or with no car insurance, by possibly facing vehicular homicide charges.
    O’Donnel as well as biking clubs supports the new law and advocates who want to see the law go into effect holding drivers responsible. They believe this proposal needs to be put into effect enough that O’Donnel held a news conference to discuss the new bill and the fact that she is hoping to get a sponsor to introduce the bill in the 2009 session. She also has plans to bring a lawsuit against the unlicensed driver who was involved in the accident with her husband that would be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. I like which is an attorney and lawyer as well as Law firm recruiting and employment service overall for those who need a good lawyer or for that matter a attorney and DUI esquire.

By the way if you reside in Portland and you require excellent legal representation then retaining a Criminal Defense lawyer can make all the difference to a good outcome in your case. The criminal defense attorney will make sure you are given all your constitutional rights. Might I recommend in this case Bruce Shepley if you are charged with criminal offenses in and around Oregon City and Portland, Oregon, including Clackamas and Multnomah Counties. He is an outstanding Criminal defense lawyer.
   Should this bill be introduced into law drivers who are involved in bicycle accidents that end in a fatality will need the services of Oregon criminal defense trial attorney when it is time for their case to be hear to ensure that they have their case argued aggressively.
All in all, Oregon has seen a major spotlight shone on legal issues as of late, especially measure 11. This particular measure revolves around having
 a mandatory sentence for each charge that it is tried under these sentencing guidelines.  In other words, a defendant who is not properly represented may feel the full effect of the sentencing in their criminal trial and with more than one charge that qualifies to be tried.  Therefore, if Measure 11 is implemented that individual could recieve even more than a life sentence. It would therefore be even more important than ever to be represented properly by a lawyer with extensive experience and knowledge of the applicable laws so that a substantial amount of time in jail might be avoided.

Sam Lincoln Gets Years Added


I am going to Houston shortly and wanted to get this article out there…According to family and friends Samuel Kingman Lincoln stated his addiction to meth is what created the problems for the man that has been sentenced to a total of 332 years in prison. This is because of his violent crimes that have changed the life of this 27 year old that in his boyhood was named as the Peach King twice and rode in the lead of the Palisade’s Peach Festival.

Lincoln’s most recent criminal conviction (man does this guy keep his attorney busy or what) was an attempted murder for using a bayonet to stab a man, which he then robbed his trailer. The judge District Chief Judge James Boyd in Lincoln sentenced him to 90 years in that crime, which took place in 2004 in West Glenwood. Lincoln in a statement to the court said that he hopes that this case will be dismissed in the future, as he did not participate in this crime.
The Deputy District Attorney Amy Fitch had requested the court give the maximum sentence, which was 117 years commenting this was one of the worst crimes she had seen. Attorney Fitch also said that Lincoln is not safe to live in society.
Lincoln’s lawyer Kathy Gourdy had requested a ten-year minimum sentence. By the way if you live in either Miami, Florida or the greater Houston, Texas area and when you or a family member is charged with a criminal offense it takes the expertise of a talented attorney to ensure the case is prepared to your advantage because it can mean your very freedom. Mr. Gordon is simply one of the best auto attorney and wrongful death lawyer out there in Houston.
There was an earlier conviction in March where Lincoln was charged with attempted murder along with other charges, along with a co-defendant, Lawrence Doty, who was found not guilty of the same incident.
According to Lincoln’s attorney in this March case a witness identified as Sharon Coelho testified and while she was the one who had planned the crime she was granted immunity in lieu of her testimony. It was testified that Doty had more blood on him and was more violent during the crime and he was found not guilty. Lincoln was convicted of the crime.

There was also an incident where Lincoln was sentenced 242 years for shooting at deputies that occurred in Mesa County. An incident that included a stabbing where he stabbed a man six times in the desert, along with armed robbery and other charges.
He has also an incident in Grand Junction where in a high speed chase Lincoln reached speeds of 100 miles per hour and shot at deputies 23 times.
Lincoln’s attorney has said there are several appeals filed and that she believes that he is innocent of certain crimes and an innocent man is going to jail. Gourdy also stated that there is some evidence that is very strong that could win new trials for approximately three of Lincoln’s cases.

Automakers and the Air Resources Board

California’s hydrogen suppliers along with automakers met with the Air Resources Board on Thursday January 10th.

    This meeting was to come to an agreement to open a group of fueling stations for auto owners of non-polluting fuel cell powered autos to refuel on the highway. This story is interesting since I just got back from a San Jose auto service.

   One fueling station that was recently closed will reopen as an agreement with energy companies that were present at the meeting who agreed to supply the needed money and staff to reopen this station.

   Six energy companies previously operated this station that will be reopened, however the lease they held ended on December 31st, 2007 and there was not a new agreement put in place.  By the way, if you live in Hawaii, have been in a car accident and need a good Hawaii Nissan then you are advised to take a serious look at this Nissan firm. There you can find a more than competent Hawaii  Accident Attorney or dui lawyer Santa Monica. The lawyers there can also help you if you have suffered injuries such as electrocution, burns, elder abuse or an amusement park accident of some sort. They come highly recommended. Well, back to the news story….

   According to Mary Nichols a member of the Air Resources Board, this will be just the beginning of these stations; they intend to open more of these stations. They plan to reissue bids in the near future for the upgrade of existing stations and construction of new stations. My friend who runs a san jose auto repair was telling me about this and other auto related facts from San Jose. They can fix your Nissan and so forth.

   The Air Resources Board has $7.7 million dollars in place for these proposed projects that they will be taking bids, along with and additional $6 million dollars that they have requested from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger upcoming budget to complete their plan of constructing and opening more of these stations. 

Worn Out

Have any of you ever suffered from Blogging burnout? If you run several weblogs, as I do, you likely have experienced this occurance at one time or another, It is very disconcerting when this happens, and at least with me, it is normally triggered when some error happens with WordPress or if I somehow manage to accidentally lose all of my work, It really sucks when that happens, it is demoralizing as hell. This phenomenom happened to me recently when I tried to achive a very ambitious self imposed deadline for writing fresh cont3ent for all of my blogs….but I went to the gym and got out of the house for a while and now I feel a lot better. In fact I am fairly fresh now… it is back to work for me, writing, writing and more writing!