Medical surgery gives gift of sound

I just returned to San Diego and man is southern California (I had to get PRP surgery) a good place to be a plastic surgeon I will tell you. Switching gears for a minute, When a baby doesn’t respond to a sudden noise, something is wrong. Could be that the baby has a sensorineural hearing deficit; sound enters the baby’s ear, but the information does not travel to the brain. Often there is damage to hair cells in the inner ear, called the cochlea. The cells do not transform sound vibrations into the impulse that moves from the auditory nerve to the brain. As an aside if you are in San Diego and need a san diego dental surgeon who is skilled at a variety of cosmetic dental surgery and the like, this is a great choice in Del Mar.
Only a few decades ago sensorineural hearing loss would have meant placing the child into a special school, and that child would have been isolated from his or her general social world of peers.
Now there is a dramatic surgery that can treat this condition. The surgery involves placing a cochlear implant that receives sound from a microphone and transmits it to electrodes implanted in the cochlea.
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Initially, the sounds are translated as noise by the recipient, because the brain is not familiar with them. Gradually, however, the brain begins to decipher this new information and the child begins to hear!
Tragically, many kids who could benefit by this surgery are not diagnosed to begin with. Some states require that newborns be given a hearing assessment before leaving the hospital. All hospitals should be doing this