Welcome to the SES News and editorial Weblog

I am very excited about officially launching my Editorial News weblog where I will be bringing various assorted news stories to bear with what I think is a unique editorial viewpoint. I am  confident that the opinions expressed will add another level of analysis to the particular stories that you may not have considered. I feel that will set this weblog apart from many of the other news blogs which are currently out there. Above all, I am hoping to break out of the grinding conventionality which characterizes many of my competitors today. If you have any off the wall news stories or any pieces of news which you feel could benefit from another editorial perspective, or would like to provide that perspective yourself and share your insights, please feel free to email me at shermaneditorialservices at yahoo dot com. Do not send any advertisements to this address please, I would like to keep this email restriced to news and editorial content only.

(I will accept link trade requests there, however, assuming that they are not in any way automated. I do not like emailing an autoresponder, do you?) Thanks for understanding. Speaking of that, i will be seeking to forge some quality partnerships with related websites which have a readership base that is similiar to my own. More on that later.