New study says divorced men almost twice as high a risk of early death compared to women

Going to San Diego and Kalamazoo shortly to meet with a criminal defense attorney so wanted to pump out this article first: A new study published by David Sbarra, Rita Law, and Robert Portley from the University of Arizona says data shows divorce may shorten your life. I think most of us can instinctively agree.
The story was posted by Robert Hughes, Jr., Professor of Human Development, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, under the title, “Divorce Increase Your Chances of Early Death?” It appeared Dec. 3, 2011 on the Huffington Post. I know that here in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington this is a fairly big issue overall. In fact, it seems as if you are a Los Angeles divorce lawyer or family law attorney (as a random example) you are better off than as a let’s say a Los Angeles divorce attorney or family law lawyer on the whole. I mean you would think the criminal defense guys would do better…
Hughes writes that almost 2 million people in the United States alone are impacted by divorce each year. He says previous studies that have implied that divorce may increase chances of an premature death, but in general the evidence was not clear.
Sbarra, Law, and Portley sum up the evidence on the connection between divorce and early death by citing data from 32 studies of 6.5 million-plus people in 11 countries that included 755,000 divorces and 160,000 deaths.
Apparently, adults who were divorced were 23% more likely to die younger than their married counterparts, say Sbarra, Law, and Portley . Interestingly, men had almost double the risk of early death compared to women. Hughes reports the those younger than 65 years of age were more at risk after divorce than older people, according to the study. This pattern applied regardless of what country people lived in.
Hughes says the authors write, “….Hostility, depression and substance abuse are just a few examples of the many processes that can increase the likelihood of future divorce……” Not to change the subject or anything but if you need a Kalamazoo divorce attorney or family law lawyer of quality then I can recommend that you go to the official Kalamazoo Divorce attorney website here. Now back to the divorce and family law related article conclusion:
Most of us who have been through, or been closely affected by divorce have a few clues as to why this study rings true. Hughes cites the authors’ insights that reduced financial status, disrupted social ties, and altered health habits following divorce. They note that women are especially more likely to resume smoking, and eating habits and sleeping patterns are also upset. Now i am going to go and visit the Penny McCoy website.