What Is Data Replication and Why Is It Necessary?

In the field of computer network support, backups are essential. Small business owners cannot afford to lose any data in the event of a local disaster such as an earthquake or a fire. Even a freak hardware malfunction has the capacity to cripple a small business. Luckily, businesses of any size can take simple steps to avoid being ruined. Offsite backups are key in avoiding catastrophic data loss from disasters or malfunctions and can be implemented by your Los Angeles based team.

Data replication forms an essential component in many IT support Los
Angeles systems. Data replication refers to the process of copying a company’s data to a
remote backup location. This remote backup will have perfect, up-to-date records of all data. The best data replication systems also create an exact duplicate of the entire server environment. If something goes wrong with a company’s primary server, the ongoing data replication process will automatically trigger what is known as a “failover.” In a failover, the remote backup server takes over for the primary server, without any noticeable break in data management or company operations. This seamless
transition saves companies time and money, because they do not experience disastrous interruptions in their services and can be implemented by your team.

Robust failover systems can handle unpredictable and changing circumstances automatically. If a primary server fails in the middle of the night, business owners will come in at nine in the morning to see that a crisis has been averted. Without a robust data replication system, a server problem might not begin to be addressed until the next morning, and such a service gap could spell thousands of dollars in losses, especially for businesses that have a web component. Companies simply cannot remain competitive if their services go offline even for a little while. Once the original server has been fixed, everything can be shifted back from the remote server easily.

California companies should choose wisely when deciding on IT support Los Angeles services. Goodcomputer network support firms are experts at configuring hardware and software for data replication. No two company server systems are identical, so experienced firms know how to customize
their offerings to fit any configuration imaginable.